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Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice might sound like it's precooked, but it's not. Instead, it's processed quite differently from other types of rice.

Sela 1121 Rice

Salar Extra Long Golden Sela 1121 Rice is gently parboiled to lock in the nutrients which lend the long slender grains a soft golden colour.

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Networxx LTD Established 2015 London, UK

We are Importers of best quality of Sella 1121 Basmati Rice from India & Pakistan to United Kingdom and Europe

SALAR rice is distinguished by the length, fineness and smooth texture of its grains. The cooked grains won't break or stick together. The unique aroma is delicate and the taste is simply irresistible. We carefully mill our grains, rejecting broken grains that would otherwise release starch and cause the rice to become sticky. Uniquely, the basmati grain expands more than twice its dry length during cooking. It only expands lengthways resulting in the grain retaining its long slender characteristic when cooked.

Parboiled rice is produced by a process of soaking, pressure steaming and drying prior to milling. This modifies the starch and permits the retention of the natural vitamins and minerals in kernels.

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